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I am a mom, photographer, storyteller, explorer, and avid researcher!


I used to search for ways lose weight instead of how to be healthy. I lived life with inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis, struggled with anxiety, and had zero patience with my family.  I also lost myself and my dreams somewhere along the way. 


All of those bad habits are gone now. 


I have discovered a way to use whole food, fitness, creativity and mindfulness to live a conscious, authentic life, even in a house full of mayhem! 

  • Mama.Mindful.Mayhem
  • Focusing on the Journey


This girl loves life and lives it to the fullest! She is a rock star, spending hours each week practicing guitar, vocals and a little piano. When she is on stage with her band or in theater, she blows me away with her passion to perform. 

She is so smart, I think her brain is overloaded! When she was diagnosed with anxiety and ADD last year, I researched the heck out of it! I am happy to say that so far we have not had to use medication; however, it might come in the future. For now we manage her ADD and anxiety with supplements and diet!

Her tree nut and environmental allergies do not make life easy, but we got this! 

  • Ella of the Isle


He probably wouldn't want me to write much... but I must say something.


Kobi is my first born, my friend and a great brother to my little kids! 

I love watching him continue to grow into his own person. He is so talented in so many areas. He is an athlete, a musician, an artist and he is SUPER HANDSOME!!! 

I am and will always be his biggest fan. 

  • kobi


This guy is the family comedian. The life of our party!

He has his challenges though. When Jack was 4 years old, we realized that many of his behavior and medical issues were caused by a chemical intolerance. After initially diagnosing him via Doctor Google, I removed all food dyes, pesticides and chemicals added to food from our home.


After 30 days, Jack was a different child! 

Upon a recommendation from our pediatrician, we also went 100% organic, zero GMO, low dairy and low gluten.

It changed our lives and our family dynamic. 

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